Notes on Painting, The Koppel Project Hive, London, 16th November 2017 - 12th January 2018


BAUhahaHAUS, afo architekturforum oberösterreich, Linz, AU, 4th May - 17th June 2017

Group show with Heba Y. Amin, Julius Deutschbauer, Louis Hellman, Ironimus, Bernd Oppl, paperholm / Charles Young, Anna Salamon, Nedko Solakov, Ulrike Ulrich, The Ikeanographic Art Collective, The Muji Mujiks. Curated by Rositza Alexandrova.


WAVES, Turf Projects, Croydon, 10th December 2016 - 21st January 2017

Group show with Abi Freckleton, William Pham and Luke Burton. 

 Anna Salamon

Anna Salamon

L.Discolor (Chapter One), 2017, oil on canvas and emulsion on wall, total dimensions site-responsive


L.Discolor (x), 2016, oil on canvas, 30 × 20 inches
L.Discolor (v), 2016, oil on canvas, 20 × 10 inches
L.Discolor (iv), 2016, oil on canvas, 30 × 18 inches
L.Discolor (ix), 2016, oil on canvas, 20 × 10 inches

Installation shot, Turf Projects, Croydon, December 2016-January 2017 (with work by Abi Freckleton). Photography: Tim Bowditch. 










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